Is a president a King?

NO!!! The world does not understand what the heck a King is…they don’t have legislatures deciding shit. They do not appoint people to make laws. THEY SAY IT IS LAW AND IT IS LAW. up to grunts to let ppl know.

Movies that kinda give you a hint them are “Golden Child” with Eddie Murphy funny loved it… well 1986 came out… now I didn’t get online have search engines and way back when me underground there… them had search engine tools.. no have today.. me use to be sent get stuff… Swiss it is think… well download tool have enter all the search engines u want to search with or just check mark everyone existed. combine it would and give u results find. So not like what them give and to much alike a lot were…weed them it did like garden. a comparison tool somehow did. These tool told me download…by mostly men well always men. all areas of life… high up military types Coast Guard, F15 think if remember call back dudes who programmed them Jets do tricks…need new to sell. Could not do with out one did…as me no like aol chat try talk there.. so anyway msg from dudes go here… irc chat, well them teach me enough… I became job…get back KY…no live just contract then… became highered my children raised, internet tech support I was for Primenet for win 3.1 and forget the next 95 came out.


By JandJ YoandMt

Fishers of Men Matthew 4:19 (KJV) And HE saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

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