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I POSTED THIS AND THE THING DOESN’T WORK THERE THOUGHT I WOULD PUT THE CODE HERE HTML SEE IF IT WORKS HERE Nope shit no work here either so will put link addresses for you..I guess he did not like the word I hear and my come back posted 2 places. will screw this place up too u will figure it out….tube.com/watch?v=dgzBIbDEKv4……tube.com/channel/UC-Lxb5O352pbNQk5IBU7Hmw

Well don’t know you been keeping up with my jump around.  Well just a quick post as we been having some well…issues.  I did encourage him though, told him he was lucky to have a hot cold one, no Luke for me.  Well this from post last night but woke to review love the pic this dude.. ask if graduation pic.  Well we kinda fit in the Lord Him weird too  I wrote about it…the one for sure response got.

Loved the pic so put here for you to see, plus thought I might make it easier to track that dude.  So put category tab for him…well I can shoot..daddy taught me…very young in the city too… legal…air pump rifle.. made pump like bee bee gun…but more real size gun…no look like toy.  Taught me about 5th grade…made me put my thumbs and index fingers together make a triangle…hold way out in front center clear view of a particular item he chose for me to see, then made me close one eye…wanted to know if me still see clear.. me say no, open eyes again is center  say yes… close other eye look…see clear.. me say yes.. him say that eye use.  Then make me look holding gun with bad eye closed through aim thing to barrel thing… so it was a process.  

So loved this pic made me even add think about daddy training me in city how to shoot.


By JandJ YoandMt

Fishers of Men Matthew 4:19 (KJV) And HE saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

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