Black The Color

I really feel sorry for Matthew sometimes trying to keep an eye on me…as I told him Daddy said that..that your job. There is absolutely no way to post all that I do and check within scriptures and write about them all. I use them all the time. I like most so called Christians heard things that the color black is always associated to Satan..even the movie that was made “The Passion of Christ” Satan always in black hooded thing. So even when I was raising my son’s this was something they would tell you to watch for as getting older choice of clothing even. So people are not taught to see God in that color and God is good.

Well I took a break from typing last paragraph, of course Matthew wore black all the time..a prophet of God. Then part of song came to me and I will also put a fav pic have again associate to him as featured pic. I had to download audacity for this computer as it was on the other one not this one. I come back to record it and the man wants me to open it again in a new tab. Don’t ask me how I know..but followed directions. Yes all the sudden they were different.

I looked up so many words in the scriptures regarding this as the word also means dark…also a word came to me as Daddy even had one a ring of onyx so looked that up. So that is several words. Of course I read also more parts sometimes. I have no clue which is a witness to Matthew. I saw through the…hummm…how shall I it was like in many ways driving people away. I saw the heart. Kinda like them Christian’s and color black. So have fun searching scriptures…I use them all the time. Hide and seek?? You could learn a lot from God.

Interesting thing about this pic..yes was already listening to Matthew.. this was on a calendar I had and solid black horse it was but when I took the pic this how it came out!!!

:24 to :32

By JandJ YoandMt

Fishers of Men Matthew 4:19 (KJV) And HE saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

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