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First Seeing Matthew (Beginning) Then did write my first seeing Him this morning. I jump around on these sites posting…so a bit late did check a few and just jumped to see if anything popped up. People especially ones that took this covid shot, I did not, but you need to keep searching things regarding these different companies. This one talking about the Johnson and Johnson shot. Each vaccine is a bit different. Do searches like on this main site then take that info you hear and search the net on the info for the shot you took.

In my searching I did scroll back on this one person he showed on the video…went back as noticed the video he put was dated 2 years ago. That is weird to me so wanted to find what type info this dude had. I found his stuff interesting by title and pictures even as looks like this person is using the word of God. So there might be some good information there you can take to Father in prayer if you are led. Ask Him use the scripture if this dude points that stuff out. I am not capable of adding these type things to my plate, and I asked Father so was not led to take it. You if you have need to investigate not me. I have done my part making it known.

This man has news about Argentina here.

He also put up news about: Situation Update, Nov 1, 2021 – Australia begins SEIZING bank accounts, homes and licenses to enforce covid tyranny

By JandJ YoandMt

Fishers of Men Matthew 4:19 (KJV) And HE saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

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