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God Laughs
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Yes was up just had my conversation here and posted it went back bed then. Word..do u ever think wow I should have just stayed in bed. I have been up between these 2 puters doing thing testing thing and asked see if save test…as made me think of the movie “A league of their own” will Tom Hanks believe… well and have mentioned who knows where put lol sent Matthew last time hear though words then as usual from Lord well not in scripture.. movie on that one “field of dreams” a baseball movie. I looked for clips of one came to mind send to him because of don’t see it at all..won’t look, but it was when all the spirits came to play ball. You would have to watch that full movie. For me no this not the person I was on this team playing ball… but sure seems to be now with the dang cryin I do..about spirits even coming to the real Lord.

So this my come back to him re shit go through today?? Like wondering of course that done while war going on..them woman teams.. well this is war…and I happened to be a woman..in one…who also played lots of ball. So that my counter to him this morning documenting shit. Like what are u up to now..train son’s now u going to train world or what? Well this more advanced me hackin and how do u explain to ppl.. I need a video going of my computer like him make things jump from normal placement to center like who would believe that but hacks. can so spots of vacant where normally go.. but then hopped center.
Only thing can say BEHOLD on was like wow first time ever them popup backgrounds he changes on me.. were same both computers like that wow me.
Why cause that man don’t know well maybe he does should not say that but like I was wow what see within whom even worked where keepin eye on and wow it was and names even places… wooooooooeeeeeeeeee. where my Daddy was concerned and our families… even to point where dad and mom went to Cline lake, who in that town… Bob’s mom’s kissin cousin them called them.. as her mom and mom’s sister married brothers same family… so think called them kissin cousins. I can not remember maybe find to know but this would even be weirder… if did happen timing.. I might have said to them that Betty want me leave that sob and move with her to Albuquerque.  Now that would be even weirder…as in well I might not be able to come home but do have a place to go.
On top of that, when this movie came out, I do remember researching it, as Becky said doesn’t that make you think of us some of them people on the team. Well Harvey and Dottie Collin’s daddies friends Bob worked for plus.. Dottie was the Dottie think found out. Weird morning been for sure…lots come me re our life.
I made thing very hard on Matthew…type disappear I would make it..say gotta be quick or loose it…continued jump around I do….trainin son’s man’s game.  God knows their shit..can train and play better to protect what is His..that is His word and those that believe Him not doctrines of man.

By JandJ YoandMt

Fishers of Men Matthew 4:19 (KJV) And HE saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

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