A NOOTPAD++ Special with blocks

the-man-is-weird-700-gave-score... see thebrideisglobalnow.com find out for yourself

A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN Yes was up just had my conversation here and posted it went back bed then. Word..do u ever think wow I should have just stayed in bed. I have been up between these 2 puters doing thing testing thing and asked see if save test…as made me think of the… Continue reading A NOOTPAD++ Special with blocks

mRNA damage covid

First Seeing Matthew (Beginning) Then did write my first seeing Him this morning. I jump around on these sites posting…so a bit late did check a few and just jumped to see if anything popped up. People especially ones that took this covid shot, I did not, but you need to keep searching things regarding… Continue reading mRNA damage covid

30 days left for this site

This site name belonged to son. I don’t want it so will let him know just in case he is into numbers. He doesn’t respond to my emails anyway nobody really does. So just to let u know

Black Snakes

Good Black Snakes = Even kill poisonous ones!! Benefits of Black Snakes Why You Don’t Kill Black Snakes I had on last post mention the association people tend to have re the color black. Well God is good…represented am sure in all colors. Well of course with Moses the rod turned into one and ate… Continue reading Black Snakes